Did Lamborghini Hide Their Best-Looking Car in Their Geneva VIP Lounge?

The doors of the 86th Geneva Motor Show are long since closed, and the time for reminiscence is already here. One thing keeps my mind occupied: Did Lamborghini really hide their best looking car in their VIP lounge, out of view from the vast majority of visitors? Continue reading “Did Lamborghini Hide Their Best-Looking Car in Their Geneva VIP Lounge?”

Rimac Concept_One has Entered Production

When Mate Rimac, then 23 years old, premiered his Concept_One at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, I suspect not many expected to see this car again. Fast forward five years to this year’s Geneva Motor Show and the Rimac Concept_One is shown as a production car, with several more under production at the state-of-the-art factory near Zagreb in Croatia. Continue reading “Rimac Concept_One has Entered Production”

A Closer Look at the Lamborghini Centenario

It’s been a week since Lamborghini pulled the covers off the Centenario LP 770-4, the new name for the highly limited, cutting-edge design and performance car from Lamborghini. I reckon it’s about time we delve into the details of this creature. Continue reading “A Closer Look at the Lamborghini Centenario”

Koenigsegg Agera at the End of the Line – What Now?

Koenigsegg are marking the end of the Agera with the limited run Final, in which only three cars will take place. The first one was displayed on stage in Geneva, named “One of 1”. Continue reading “Koenigsegg Agera at the End of the Line – What Now?”

Touchdown for Lamborghini Huracán Avio

The second piece of car news from Lamborghini at the Geneva Motor Show was this matte blue Huracán LP 610-4 Avio, which I wrote about nearly a month ago. Avio is Italian for aviation, and the anticipated aviation roundel was to be found in several locations, both inside and out. Continue reading “Touchdown for Lamborghini Huracán Avio”

Zenvo Showing Two(!) New Cars in Geneva

Zenvo Automotive, located an hour’s drive south of Copenhagen, are long since established in the boutique hypercar niche, having offered a product that is unique in style and expression, namely the ST1. At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, however, the ST1’s successor took to the stage, named TS1. Continue reading “Zenvo Showing Two(!) New Cars in Geneva”

Production ready Koenigsegg Regera in Geneva w/video

At last year’s Geneva Motor Show, Koenigsegg brought along the Regera, a completely new way of thinking when it comes to hypercars. It featured a massively powerful V-8 engine, but the novelty was the three electric motors that worked together with the engine, a direct drive unit and a pair of torque converters to create a smooth and seamless surge of acceleration aimed to take the Regera from a standstill to 400 km/h in less than 20 seconds. Continue reading “Production ready Koenigsegg Regera in Geneva w/video”

Lamborghini Centenario launched in Geneva

The Lamborghini stand was surrounded by several layers of journalists, employees and lucky enthusiasts as the clock ticked towards press conference time at the Geneva Motor Show today. A lot has been said and rumoured about the Centenario, so anticipations were running high. Continue reading “Lamborghini Centenario launched in Geneva”