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About Core of Cars

A car is basically a means of transportation. However, we can spend time, effort and money in the realm of cars, creating a world where cars are so much more. The freedom of driving your own car alone for the very first time, the rush of doing those curves a bit faster than you ought to, the pain of hearing that stone wound the paint, the frustration of joining the longest, slowest queue ever, the joy of hearing your favourite song on the car’s stereo as you round a bend to find the world smiling at you. In short; the experience. We have the power to transform cars into extensions of ourselves.

I never stop being fascinated by the relationship between cars and car enthusiasts. What I would ideally want to convey, are the sensations and experiences that occur in this interaction. After all, technical specifications and prices are just numbers, and numbers are desperately inadequate in telling the full story. They can’t measure what goes on in your mind and body as you find yourself seated behind the steering wheel of THAT car. Thus, the core of cars is to be found somewhere inbetween.

My name is Kaare Byberg, I’m Norwegian, and my name is pronounced almost like “core” (how I love a double entendre). Core of Cars is a thought I had late 2016, and the site went live in April of 2017. My stories will be coloured by my subjectivity, and my passion for Lamborghini means there will be a lot of raging bulls around, but they’re ultimately my stories.


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