ATS, You Say?

Lago Maggiore, sun and a light breeze. The Italian spring offers 17 most welcome degrees. I find myself behind the wheel of the ATS GT – the only one of its kind – being the first motoring writer driving it. Just an hour earlier I was warmly welcomed by Daniele Maritan, the man behind the second act in the history of ATS. Continue reading “ATS, You Say?”

ATS Stile50: Open Two-Seater, Italian Countryside? Yes, Please

The name ATS will probably ring few bells nowadays, and that has mainly been the case for this tiny Italian car maker since its tumultuous beginnings in the wake of┬áthe “Palace Revolution” at Ferrari in 1961. ATS was founded in direct opposition to Ferrari, and the spoken goal was to beat Ferrari at Formula 1, no less. Continue reading “ATS Stile50: Open Two-Seater, Italian Countryside? Yes, Please”