Who’s Up For Some Danish? Zenvo, That Is

A bleak February afternoon was to become very colourful as I parked outside the Zenvo factory in Præstø, an hour’s drive south of Copenhagen. Throughout Zenvo’s eleven years, they have presented cars in a wide variety of colours, ranging from modest brown to striking turquoise, and their design language has always been recognizable as an original look. From the first ST1 model, Zenvo have moved on to the TS1, the race-spec TSR, and now with the the Geneva launch of the TSR-S, the model range counts three cars. But let’s first return to February, where PR man Peter Van Rooy welcomed me into his office for a quick chat. Continue reading “Who’s Up For Some Danish? Zenvo, That Is”

Zenvo Showing Two(!) New Cars in Geneva

Zenvo Automotive, located an hour’s drive south of Copenhagen, are long since established in the boutique hypercar niche, having offered a product that is unique in style and expression, namely the ST1. At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, however, the ST1’s successor took to the stage, named TS1. Continue reading “Zenvo Showing Two(!) New Cars in Geneva”