Keeping the Huracán Close to Casa, Dolce Casa

Hmm, I didn’t see that coming. I had just returned the Huracán at the Lamborghini factory and figured out that I had done 400 km in two days. Nothing unusual about that, but I then began thinking about where I’d been and which roads I’d taken. Not once had I been on the autostrada, and, more remarkable, I hadn’t been further than 25 km away from the factory at any time over those two days. Thus, this coincidentally became a story of staying close to home.

Finished in Grigio Artis, a very lively grey, the Huracán LP 610-4 looked as fabulous as ever outside the factory reception. As I picked up the keys, the kind lady in the reception humorously pointed out that the agreement papers actually stated that the car was to be at my disposal for one month and two days instead of the two days we had planned, thanks to a small typo. If only…

There are so many interesting things and places to see in this area around Sant’Agata Bolognese and Modena, and the Huracán willingly took me to destination after destination. Driving in a Lamborghini certainly has its perks, such as arriving to opening gates at the Pagani factory and experiencing people cheerfully giving you wide berths in traffic. The latter became a pleasant bonus, as much of the driving took place on smaller roads and intersections.

Road quality varied greatly, from the smoothest tarmac to what appeared to be some sort of agricultural experiment, where grass was growing through wide cracks in the road surface, resulting in a road which wished it was as smooth as the fields next to it. Lifting its front, the Huracán carefully tip-toed its way to gentler roads. In contrast, whooshing towards eternity on straights and perfectly banked curves of local roads was massive fun.

The Huracán has a lovely feel to it, its suspension translating road surface into a language that sounds great and is rewarding in practice. The engine has a vocabulary of its own, sometimes speaking words of elegance and assurance, sometimes words that carry an age limit. When keeping the right foot firmly planted, time and space become very relative indeed.

I had my worries beforehand on the matter of comfort over an extended amount of time, being a rather tall chap, expecting a cramped sensation after the first day. Thankfully, the seat adjustment allowed me to find a position that suited me just fine. The Huracán is not a soft car that you would choose for comfort, but it’s nevertheless a pleasant car to be seated in.

My lasting memory from these two days are the words of my passenger as I asked the Huracán for the full monty on an open straight. A proper English gentleman is not easily taken aback, but this attack on the senses led to a very load and heartfelt Bl**dy h*ll, this thing is fast! Mission accomplished for the Huracán, I’d say, honouring the tradition of its iconic home in Sant’Agata Bolognese.

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