Four Lamborghini Diablos in One Showroom

On the last day of April, I visited the showroom of TJ Auto, an independent car dealer located in Norway. There were several rare cars for sale, and every one of them could easily have been featured. However, I focused on the four Lamborghini Diablos and fired up my camera.

I’ll cut to the chase and present the main objective of my visit: An original SE30 Jota, one of a maximum of 28 SE30 Jotas, and one with a special history. Its first owner was the then president of Lamborghini Club Italy, and it’s numbered 30/150 — a very suitable number for an SE30.

The showroom contained two Diablo SVs, one with pop-up headlights and one with fixed. The red wheels on the earlier car add quite a lot of drama, whereas the orange decals on the silver car do the same thing.

A Roadster finished the quartet, shod with custom rims to great effect.

The SE30 Jota and the two SV’s have many similarities in their special designs, and I’ll finish off with a small comparison gallery:

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