Lamborghini Launches Topless Centenario

A few hours ago, Lamborghini launched the Centenario LP 770-4 Roadster at Monterey, California. The facts and figures are basically the same as for the coupe that was launched half a year ago, but the Roadster comes with no roof option whatsoever. 20 will be made, all are sold. As with the coupe, the price is really irrelevant.

The big thing, though, is actually the colour. Whereas the coupe on show in Geneva was all carbon fibre, this Roadster has been painted in a custom matte silver paint, namely Argento Centenario. Seeing the Centenario shape with painted body lends a very different perspective to what kind of design this really is, and for me, the car looks much better with paint.

What are your thoughts on the latest from the house of the raging bull?

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