How Green Was My Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

2nd August 1914. The second bull of the afternoon enters the bullfighting arena of Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Nineteen-year-old bullfighter José Sánchez Rodríguez keeps a keen eye on the bull, bearing in mind its ominous name: Veneno, meaning venom. As fate would have it, Veneno got the better of his opponent, giving the bull a reputation of speed and agility.

1st December 2013. Lamborghini launches the Veneno Roadster aboard the aircraft carrier Cavour, the flagship of the Italian Navy, as she is docked in the harbour of Abu Dhabi. Likely the first ever car launch aboard an aircraft carrier, let alone a ship, the Veneno Roadster spreads through the automotive news like wildfire. As a contrast to the grey metallic Veneno coupe which was launched earlier the same year, the Veneno Roadster is first shown in Rosso Veneno, a brand new paint.

13th June 2016. A Lamborghini enthusiast from Norway prepares a short article about the Veneno Roadster, having been fortunate enough to photograph one. Only nine were produced, making it one of the rarest cars from recent years. Like the rest of them, this specimen was made unique through the extensive personalization possibilities, but this car is that little bit more special, as it wears a small badge saying “Ultima“, meaning last. This, the very last Veneno of any kind, was painted in a very specific colour, namely Verde Miura, a tribute to the pastel-like finish in the spirit of the Miura.

Although I’m just an avid amateur photographer, I took nearly 400 photos of this Veneno Roadster, and I will share a selection of my favourite shots. I have decided to leave out captions, and there is no meticulously thought out order of shots, so please go ahead and enjoy the gallery.

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