Lamborghini Centenario launched in Geneva

The Lamborghini stand was surrounded by several layers of journalists, employees and lucky enthusiasts as the clock ticked towards press conference time at the Geneva Motor Show today. A lot has been said and rumoured about the Centenario, so anticipations were running high. Stephan Winkelmann, doing what was most likely his last launch speech, invited the audience to view an introductory video before the cover was lifted. The unveiling resulted in instant applause, and we could see the shiny carbon fiber and the yellow accents of the Centenario. The shape is unmistakably Lamborghini, although the rear end is new territory for them, with its highly unique expression.

The Centenario houses a 770 horsepower V-12, which should ensure sufficient means for vigorous action. The car both drives and turns on all four wheels, further adding to its dynamic expression. Twenty coupes and 20 roadsters are to be built, all of them sold to deep-pocketed Lamborghini fans.

Click through the photos and voice your opinion. More details and close-ups will come shortly.

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