Lamborghini Launching Limited Edition Huracán Avio in Geneva?

Automobili Lamborghini have filed for the trademark Avio, and as part of the application, they have listed sports cars as part of the trademark’s usage area. This, combined with information from an Instagram post that turned up on a search for “Lamborghini Avio”, makes us believe that Lamborghini will launch a limited edition Huracán in Geneva. Little is known, but word is that it will be limited to 250 examples and feature a special set of color and trim options.

Avio is Italian for aviation, and could lead to many associations: My first thought was lightness and aerodynamics. Lamborghini has been working together with Boeing on a joint carbon fibre R&D project, and it’s easy to think that more of this CF technology will find its way into Lamborghini’s cars. Airplanes of course have wings, but will this Huracán have one? Time will tell.

Lamborghini have ventured into the aviatory domain before, with the Reventón and the Egoista. The typical aviation roundel in the Avio trademark signals more inspiration will be drawn from the world above cars.

Those who enjoy car history, will perhaps think of Auto Avio Costruzioni, the car company set up by Enzo Ferrari, which resulted in his very first car, the 815. I doubt there will be any connection here, but it’s an amusing thought.

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