Two-wheel Drive Lamborghini Huracán Just Around the Corner, Sideways

With the popularity of the RWD Gallardo, it should come as no surprise that Lamborghini once again are removing a few axles, only this time to produce the Huracán LP580-2, a two-wheel Huracán for the open road. It will be lighter than its AWD twins, and even with a slightly reduced power output, it will reach 100 km/h from a standstill in 3.4 seconds (same as Spyder) and max out at 320 km/h. The design will likely remain virtually unchanged, but one noticeable detail are the smaller rims, the new Kari 19″ in silver, housing steel brakes as standard. The LP580-2 can of course be had with 20″ rims as an option. The standard paint options are also quite limited, as apparently only Nero Noctis and Bianco Monocerus will be available without charging extra.

Expect to see the LP580-2 very soon, possibly getting its launch at the Bologna Motor Show in December. The base price for the Huracán LP580-2 is 150,000 EUR plus taxes, which is almost 20,000 less than the AWD coupe and more than 35,000 less than the Spyder. With a healthy 418 horsepower per tonne finding their way onto the road through the rear wheels alone, I expect the orderly queue for a LP580-2 will get longer with every day.

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