Enjoying MR’s Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Scale Model

I remember it vividly; it was a sparkling red Lamborghini Countach scale model and I was ten years old, and all I wanted in this world at that very moment was that very model car. This is my earliest memory of what has become a rather pronounced interest for cars, and a good scale model car still gives me lots of enjoyment. Thus, I was thrilled to find the new 1:18 Lamborghini Terzo Millennio finished on my last visit to MR Collection Models. Since the Terzo Millennio was never meant for production and doesn’t have an interior, this scale model offers a unique insight into Lamborghini’s design ideas.

You see, MR Collection Models, founded by Egidio Reali in 1988, is a well established name in the world of scale models, and Lamborghini further explained how they had intended the Terzo Millennio would look, both inside and out, meaning that this striking design in miniature will actually show you more than the real thing! Creating the scale model is no easy task, especially for a cutting-edge design like that of the Terzo Millennio, but Mr. Reali’s team has recreated those sharp angles and wild curves in a wonderful way.

I wanted to take photos of the interior to figure out what Lamborghini had in mind for a futuristic supercar – perhaps there are elements that will pop up in cars to come? However, getting good photos of the interior proved tricky, since the darkened glass canopy with its curves and bends wouldn’t give up its secrets just like that. A flashlight gave me a few tastes of what was inside, so I thought a bright, sunny day would reveal more.

Out in the sunlight, the Terzo Millennio scale model looked absolutely stunning, set against the strong colours of Norwegian springtime. I was able to put together more and more of the interior, and started seeing the full picture. A few more handheld attempts secured even more, and I saw how Mitja Borkert’s team at Centro Stile Lamborghini had envisioned the Lamborghini of the future to have a spartan interior.

The seats seemed similar to those of the Sesto Elemento in that they appeared to be part of the carbon fibre tub, and the five-point harnesses indicated serious track capabilities. The centre console featured the well known red flip-up starter button and an indicator for battery and power, along with other necessities. The steering wheel and pedals resembled a gaming chair setup, in that they both appeared adjustable in reach. The footwell on the passenger side also featured an adjustable foot rest. The display behind the steering wheel read “E92” on the model car, and the words “STEP HERE” are readable on the front of the seats.

It would be really cool to see features of the Terzo Millennio finding their way into coming raging bulls from Lamborghini, and I’m thrilled to have peeked into what the interiors might look like. MR Collection Models have done a stellar job of translating design and ideas into a collector’s item of a scale model car. Knowing that MR is the go-to company for scale models not only Lamborghini, but also for Bugatti, Ferrari, Bentley and Pagani, speaks volumes of their attention to detail and finish. With more than 30 years of experience, I find it safe to say that MR will be around to awaken and fulfil many a car enthusiasts dream of supercar ownership, only on a smaller scale.

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